• Title
  • Invasion of the Alien Blobs!
  • Genre
  • Frantic blob squashing action
  • Platform

  • DSiWare™ (Nintendo DSi™/
    DSi XL™/3DS™)
  • Release date
  • 11/29/2012
  • Price
  • 200 DSi Points™
  • No. of players
  • 1
  • ESRB
  • E

"Invasion of the Alien Blobs!" is a fast paced action game where players use the Stylus to squash alien blobs that are threatening to wipe out the human race. Broken down into stages of just 10 seconds, players have to exterminate each wave of alien attack by squashing the blobs with the stylus before the 10 seconds run out.

Touch the blobs with the Stylus to break them up into smaller blobs. Squashing the smallest ones will kill them off.

By touching a blob and then sliding the Stylus you can move the blobs around the Touch Screen. Use this technique to move blobs away from one another to prevent them from affecting each other.

Items occasionally appear when you squash a blob. Touch the items to pick them up and store them in your item box, shown in the top right corner of the Touch Screen.

When you want to use an item touch and drag it from the item box to where you want to use it on the Touch Screen.

Blobs that break up when squashed.

Blobs that give out an infectious virus, infecting other blobs around it.

Blobs that eat other blobs and increase in size. If you burst a large blob it will divide into a huge number of smaller blobs.

Tough blobs that cannot be burst with one touch. Hell Fire is ineffective against these blobs.

The characteristics of these blobs change every time they appear.

Shiny blobs that only appear in the bonus rounds of Score Attack.

Score as many points as you can, squashing all of the blobs in each attack wave in 10 seconds. After each stage your score is accumulated as you challenge to score the most points before you reach Game Over.

Blast through all 100 stages as fast as you can, one after the other. You've got 999 seconds to finish the fight against the blobs.

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