Choose the direction and press
the A Button to throw the ball.
After throwing steer the ball with
left and right on the Circle Pad.
Press the A Button and use left and right on the Circle Pad for a sharp turn.
1.Basic Rules
1.Basic Rules
Use the bowling ball and some other features to crush the zombies that make their way towards you on the bowling lane. You'll be eaten alive if even one of the zombies reaches the red line where you're bowling.
You'll trigger a combo if you can wipe out zombies one after another in a sequence. The more zombies you take out in one run the more points you'll earn.
3.Hell Fire
3.Hell Fire
If you pull off a long enough combo the bowling ball will engulf in flames, turning in Hell Fire.
Throw a Hell Fire bowling ball at a zombie and it will set the zombie alight! Even after the ball has passed by the flames will burn and ignite any zombies that walk into the fire, causing them to stop in their tracks.
4.Mince Grinder
4.Mince Grinder
The Mince Grinder is a gigantic bowling ball that obliterates everything on the lane. It can be used only once for each stage. Press the Mince Grinder button on the Touch Screen to set it in motion.
* Mince Grinder cannot be used with the Combo rule.
5.Zombie Crusher
5.Zombie Crusher
The Zombie Crusher squashes the zombies on the lane killing them instantly. Touch the Zombie Crusher button on the Touch Screen to activate it and switches will appear on the bowling lane. Hit the switches with the bowling ball and Zombie Crushers will come crashing down from above, wiping out any zombies below.
* Zombie Crusher cannot be used with the Combo rule.
6.Slot Machine
6.Slot Machine
A slot machine at the top of the Top Screen constantly revolves until a bowling ball reaches the end of the lane. If you get a match you'll trigger a Zombie Parade.
* The slot machine does not appear during Combo rule.
7.Zombie Parade
7.Zomibe Parade
A Zombie Parade will begin if all three barrels of the slot machine match. In a Zombie Parade golden bonus zombies line up one behind the other. If you can kill all of them with one strike then you'll get another chance.If you can wipe out all of the bonus zombies three times on the trot then you'll be awarded with an additional Zombie Crusher.
* Zombie Parades do not appear during the Combo rule.

Undead Bowling has four types of stages and three types of game rules. You can mix and match them for lots of zombie bowling fun!

Citizen Crowd
Deal with a large crowd of citizen zombies.
Fat Mob
Fight off a horde of Mr. Fats.
Carcass Heaven
Hold off a crowd of carcasses.
The Zombies
A cocktail of citizens, Mr. Fats and carcasses!
  • Make it safely through the zombie attack by surviving 15 turns, with the zombies trudging closer to the player after each turn. If any of the zombies reach the red line then you're dead.
  • Kill a set number of zombies to win. Like Survival Rule, the zombies get closer after every throw and will eat you alive if they each the red line.
  • Pull off a series of combo attacks with each one needing to achieve the required amount of kills. If you fail to kill enough zombies in one throw you'll lose a life and the zombies will get a little closer to you. Lose all 5 lives and it's game over.

You're fighting for your life against a seamlessly ever lasting supply of zombies of various shapes and sizes. If any of them reach the red line where you are bowling from then you'll be eaten and the game will finish.

  • The distance they travel will decrease if their hit points down to half.
  • Large zombies that have been bloated by a build up of gas in their bodies. Watch out for when they jump as it's a sign that they're about to charge. They're movement distance will decrease if their hit points down to half.
  • Zombies that are strumming an air guitar. Hit these with the bowling ball and they'll get sliced into two parts, but the distance they travel will increase!
  • A mysterious zombie that uses various techniques to attack.

You can unlock various Survival Records if you achieve certain things.
Once you achieve a Survival Record you can tweak the settings of that record for various affects.

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